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Quote Post Wed, May. 18, 2011

“let your love be like the misty rains, coming softly, but flooding the river”

Love comes softly

As the big sister of two little girls, to say the topic of love/relationships/boys comes up frequently is an understatement. Little girls first fall in love with their daddies and then later fall in love with their first love who is infamously a fathers worst nightmare. As little girls progress to junior highschool and college they most often search for the “perfect guy” aka “prince charming” you know how they are always portrayed in the movies hunky guy sweeps damsel in distress off of her feet, heck disney is famous for this portrayl of love, look at cinderella, snowhite, sleeping beauty and now even the newly released Tangled. There is a reason why these infamous childhood stories/movies are dubbed fairytales because they were constructed in the minds of a writer they were created….they are fiction. Real love is not easy it doesnt come with a gallant prince on horseback, REAL LOVE takes hardwork, compromise, mistakes being made, forgiveness. Real love takes time to evolve it doesnt happen overnight. Love doesnt arrive under the pretenses of a hurricane, but rather it comes softly, in the holding of a hand, a kiss, a whisper, a random dance to a song that a couple has dubbed as theirs, laughter, and even tears, love falls presently here….softly.  

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part one of 9 of the video i watched today with lulu the rest can be found on youtube

Quote Post Mon, May. 16, 2011

“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

abraham lincoln

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May 16th 2011

imageSome people look forward to christmas or new year’s eve, me I look forward to May 16th, my baby sisters birthday. Theres something magical about seeing a child’s eyes light up at the thought of a day souly dedicated to her she gets to give munchkins out in class, open presents and choose what the family eats for dinner. Needless to say birthdays have always been a big deal in my house. This year however rather then counting down the days til her birthday Lulu took a very different approach, counting down the days until I returned home from college. Today i celebrated her 10th birthday, yes double digits which I noted would be an existing fact for the rest of her life, to which she corrected at least until she turned 100 (optimism only a child could convey)! We celebrated this evening with her choice of dinner (tuna casserole) which if you ask anyone except for lulu was probably created as a form of torture, birthday cake and the viewing of 2 of the movies she recieved for her birthday. As I was listening to her excitedly tell me about her day, and watching her giggle at the gimicks of a talking toaster I realized that birthdays were never about the presents, never about selecting your favorite meal to eat, or even the cake but rather a celebration of life! There is no better way to celebrate life than in the eyes of a child!

Monday, November 22

The weekend has left me tired. Saturday night I went to a wolf sanctuary and got to see real wolves. Although I was a little fearful at first, they are truely  beautiful animals, and what added to the evening was that it was a full moon and we got to hear the wolves howl at the moon, sooo awesome!!! Sunday I worked all day and then cooked thanksgiving with liz. We decided to go for a non-traditional thanksgiving meal and brought in the southern comfort of fried chicken. We really enjoyed the dinner followed by delicious cupcakes that liz made and hot chocolate with marshmellows over a game of apples to apples. Its moments like these, enjoying the company of good friends that becomes ingrained in our minds forever. Today, was slow moving as most mondays are. I watched a moving video called Yesterday that focused on the HIV/Aids Pandemic in Africa, it nearly brought me to tears. Tomorrow I will finally get to go home for thanksgiving and see my family. I am very excited!!!!

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